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Christina Farrell NCTMB LMT ERYT

800+ hours of massage education.

200 ERYT and 500 RYT  yoga alliance approved instructor.

Certified in prenatal/postpartum exercise.

Teaching beginner to advanced yoga students.
























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Benefits of a monthly massage:

Reduces heart rate, Improves blood circulation, Improves lymph flow, Boosts the immune system, Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue, Improves skin health and nourishment, Increases wellness, Improves sleep, Relieves stress and enhances relaxation, Relieves mental stress, Relieves back pain, Relieves sore muscles, Relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye strain, Experience deeper and easier breathing, Improves posture, Enhances athletic performance, Increases awareness of the mind-body connection. 

How long the benefits last depends on the state of your body. If you're suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injury, then it may take more sessions and perhaps different modalities before optimal health is restored.   If massage is part of your regular health regimen, then it's more likely the effects will endure.  In other words, the effects of massage are cumulative, like any healthy habit. The more often you get a massage, the greater and longer-lasting the benefits.  In general, experts say "regular" is preferable, but how regular depends on your situation. While daily massage would be delightful, practical considerations such as cost, time, and physical need likely determine the frequency of treatments.               



Hours of Operation

Massage Hours:

Monday through Wednesday 9am – 8pm

Massage hours are closed on Thursday, Fridays, Weekends, and Holidays.

Other hours may be available upon request.

Follow Yoga Fitness for Yoga class days and times.

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Christina teaching Yoga in Curacoa



Simple Pleasures is located in La Crescent, MN and is easy to find.  Please call for directions.


  Cancellation Policy: 


Please allow a 24-hour notice for cancellations.  Less than 24 hours or same day cancellations pay $30.00/hour.    No-shows and last minute cancellations are treated the same.  Please respect other clients that want your time and allow 24 hours for a cancellation.  We are not available on weekends or holidays to accept cancellations.  Please call back during normal business hours.

 Please ask Christina any questions you may have regarding the policy. Cancellation & appointments are not accepted through e-mail text, or facebook.   Thank you for your understanding.



Contact information

If you would like to contact Christina:

E-mail:  info@simplepleasure.biz No cancellations through email please or appointments.

Phone:  608-780-4172 No Texting

Cancellations and appointments are not accepted through e-mail or text.



Simple Pleasures supports La Crescent Animal Care



We are a small nonprofit group in La Crescent, MN. We rescue strayed and abandoned animals. The animals are spayed and neutered prior to being placed in loving homes. We go to PetCo one a month with our foster pets for showing & adoption, but you can adopt them anytime you’re ready. All of our people are volunteers and we are always looking for more. Our needs include donations of Purina kitten chow, science diet cat food, dog chow, dog and cat leashes and collars, bleach, towels, Friskys soft cat food, monetary donations, volunteers for walking dogs and anyone interested in cleaning out cat cages.  We seem to always have dogs and cats willing to be placed in new homes.  Please call us next time you are interested in adding a family member to your home.

La Crescent Animal Rescue




To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace. 

Milan Kundera








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