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"I have been to a lot of massage therapists and Christina is by far the best one I have ever been to, she has fantastic massage techniques"

~        Sherrie


I am very pleased with my massages that I receive by Christina Farrell. Christina is very caring and listens carefully to her clientís wants and needs. I am a Fibromyalgia patient and I need my massage to stay healthy. She does her best to fix scheduling problems and when I'm in a state of major pain she figures out away to get me in A.S.A.P. I have found my Yoga and Massage therapist for life! Thank You Again.

~        Felicia Buck


To whom it may concern:

Simple Pleasures has made a huge difference in my life. Christina is the perfect combination of professional and personal. She is truly a gifted therapist and yet is an enjoyable instructor.

Almost three years ago I was involved in a horrible car accident which left me with an inoperable torn muscle in the front of my neck, which caused me to have significant migraines and long-term whiplash-type symptoms. After just about every therapy known to mankind (even the weird ones) and a dozen medical professionals I was certain I was to be crippled or medicated for life, and at age 25 that is depressing. One of my physical therapist recommended massage treatment, but they seemed too expensive, then I started treatments with Christina. Weekly massages by Christina got me off the migraine medications in 2 months. Weekly yoga lessons have helped rehabilitate my weakened shoulder and have returned most of the flexibility to my neck muscles. I continue to have massages twice a month and have found the yoga massage especially beneficial in reducing the muscle tension and tenderness for extended periods of time.

In summary: Before Simple Pleasure I was taking 18-20 pills a day for pain management and now I am down to 3. Before Christinaís therapies, I was having bi-weekly trigger point injections and now I have not had one in 8 months. Before I was laid out flat on my back with pain 2-6 hours a day, and now I might need 30 minutes every few weeks to prevent a big flare-up. Before I could not look down really at all to read and now I have full range of motion and tolerance to neck activity. I went through almost 2 years with little improvement in my symptoms and in less than a year I am a changed woman thanks to Simple Pleasures. The results have been nothing less than amazing; I am once again doing most of the things I love...

Just as important as the services offered at Simple Pleasures is the ethical nature of Christinaís business. She is truly in this line of work foremost to help people live better and more comfortable lives. As part of this attitude she keeps her prices extremely reasonable so the she can offer treatment to the common-person instead only the well off. The cozy and homey environment is seasonally refreshing and fun as well.

Just as good, my husband loves when I come home from yoga or a massage because I am fully refreshed and ready to . . . well, to rub his back, of courseJ


Amy Berry

Christian Education Director and Community Living Specialist



For a great massage from a true professional give Christina a call. I always look forward to my monthly massage and have been coming regularly for over two years now.

~        Earl Wutt


"To promote my physical, mental and spiritual well being, I get a massage from Christina every three weeks. She's phenomenal!"

~        Roberta Kilmer


Massage by Christina is a definite "must" to include in everyone's health maintenance regimen.  Christinaís professionalism and expertise is refreshing and reassuring!

~        Mary Meyer


I have been seeing Christina for my massages for well over six months now. I started out with a pinch nerve in my right shoulder and neck area. Between Christina and a chiropractor adjustment, within a month or so, it was worked out. She does a great massage! I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, every time. Christina goes above and beyond to work out an appointment time that fits my hectic schedule. Her pricing is the best in the area and allows me to enjoy a much needed massage more often.  Thanks Christina! Youíre awesome!

~        Laurie


Good Services at Great Prices!!  Very accommodating services and a variety of them too.  Ever changing services and always the most recent trends offered. 

~        Heidi


I have found massage at Simple Pleasures with Christina to be a very relaxing experience. Now I return on a regular basis to keep my body healthy and decrease anxiety of my mind so I sleep better. Heated Stones has been a wonderful treat to change up the massage experience. I plan to continue with Christina as long as she has a business near my home.

~        Lisa Pederson-Boske


I feel like it has smoothed out my skin and cleaned out my pores and blackheads on my nose. I have larger pores on my T-zone and it appears to have stripped them of the oil and grime.I can truly see the difference and will definitely come back for more treatments.I do feel it has given my skin a refreshed look.

~        Sue Seidel on anti-aging face peel


Having a massage with Christina is the best!She has a professional, yet personal way, of dealing with people.And her continued education is evident in her knowledge of all that is new out there.

~         Vicki



Let me think about it. Oh yes, thatís why I go!I do yoga for me!But itís not just about me Ė I go because I like taking care of myself, being with others and knowing I have an instructor who I can trust.

I have been active in a yoga class for two and a half years, and can say that I have learned more than just how to keep myself fit.I have obtained friendships and loyalty.Loyalty?Yes, why would someone open their house to countless customers and not be considered loyal.There is a determination in all of us and if you have not yet found that determination to be loyal to yourself and your body, do it now by attending yoga classes on a regular basis.You are the only one who can treat yourself to this lifelong yearning to feel better about your health, life and friendship.

~        Martha Meyer


Weekend Workshop Testimonial

Coming to a Restorative Yoga Workshop is one of the best things I can do with my time on a Saturday.It restores my energy and spirit for the day/week/month!Spending time taking care of myself is especially important during stressful, busy, or hectic times.Iím so glad Simple Pleasures offers workshops to help keep me going!

~        Tami


I went to Christina for a foot massage and an anti-aging face treatment. The foot massage was wonderful and was so much more than just a massage. The scrubs and lotions she uses were great! And the face treatment made my face smooth and so refreshed! She is so knowledgeable, everything she said would happen did happen. Iím going back for a Thai Yoga Massage and am really looking forward to it!

~       Linda


I have been going to Simple Pleasures Yoga & Massage for about 2 years now.  I see Christina every month for one of her superb massages.  I have also on occasion had a body scrub, if you have never had one you should.  After the scrub your skin is so soft and smooth it is a wonderful feeling.

Most recently I went to Christina and had a 'Pharmaskincare anti-aging face treatment' complete with the Peel. It is not an Instant result that you notice, it takes a few days.  The first day after my treatment I was a little bit pink but there was a noticeable glow to my skin.  After the first day I started to peel.  It actually was not as bad as I expected and the peeling really only lasted a couple of days. The end result was well worth it all.  My skin glows, it is soft, the wrinkles appear to be smaller.  There is this amazing overall radiance that I have not seen in my face for many years. If you truly want to have a renewed soft glow and younger looking skin, I would Highly recommend the Pharmaskincare anti-aging face treatment. I know this probably sounds like a commercial - but I am a real person that just wanted to share what a wonderful treatment this is.

~         Sherrie Bryant



"I have been participating in Kristina's yoga & strength/tone classes for 6 weeks.  After 2 weeks I was already able to see the results.  My body was becoming more toned and I was feeling stronger.  I did not think you could get a workout from yoga, but I was wrong.  For the first time I'm able to see definition in my stomach.  The 15 minute drive to her studio twice a week is worth it!  If you're contemplating increasing your activity level, I'd encourage you to check out Simple Pleasures; the first class is free!!" 

~        Jamie Sebion







I recently tried yoga therapy for the first time, after having no real success with chiropractic treatments for a minor but painful lower back injury. I found yoga therapy extremely non-threatening and easy. Besides giving me weeks of relief from pain it was a stress reducing experience that left me feeling better mentally and spiritually. For those who are not familiar with restorative yoga therapy I could explain it as one on one, problem-focused, really slow yoga with pillows and props. Each pose is held for 4-8 minutes but don't worry since they are not challenging poses and each session is specifically designed for what your problem is. If you think a regular yoga workout is just too much strain then maybe you would like to try this too. I would highly recommend the experience. Of all the services I have sampled from Simple Pleasures this was, well do I dare say my favorite?

Amy Berry


I am very happy with the education I received through Simple Pleasures 200 hour teacher training.   The program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and resources to teach excellent, challenging and safe yoga classes.














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